YTB Travel – Review

YTB Travel Network seeks the position of the largest online travel agency in the world. This is a publicly traded company with Lloyd Tomer as Chairman of the Board, Scott Tomer as a founder and CEO, and Kim Sorensen as a founder and President. YTB stands for Your Travel Biz and is an Illinois based network marketing company started in 2001.

One may come into the company in 2 ways: as an RTA (referring travel agent) or as a REP (independent marketing representative). For the REP position there is no fee or travel agency purchase required. To be an RTA costs $500 with a monthly license fee of $49.95.

REPs may sell online travel agencies, enroll RTAs and sponsor other REPs. Distributors earn up to 60% of all travel booked on their websites.

Since this is a network marketing structure, distributors must chase their warm market and the most reward comes from signing up a large group of RTAs under you.

When considering a new internet business, you must consider who your sponsor will be, what kind of and how much training and support you’ll receive, and if you’ll have a successful duplicatable process.

Of course, you’ll want a sponsor who is accessible by phone or e-mail and who has training in place on a website or webinar. The company should have regularly scheduled training by conference call or webinar and additional training in the back office. You’ll want a process in place that you can duplicate. Will you be taught methods to advertise for free? As always, do your due diligence.

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